Advancing technology…. “What does it mean for the elderly”

In todays fast-paced world with technological developments, advancements, and demands at a record high, where does that leave our elderly generation?Would they know how to navigate through this crazy modern form of communication?

Do you find yourself helping and teaching your family members, elderly friends or the elderly co-workers how to use their tech gadgets?

How about operating their computer by accessing the internet or what the computer can do for them? Do you find yourself coaching them with a visual diagram or image so when they go home they can apply the information with confidence and not be stuck or confused

Same situation goes with all advancing tech gadgets i.e cell phones, smart phones, flat screen TV’s to smart TV’s ect. Well if your like me I help any elderly individual from family, friends and co-workers to understand what technology means or how to simply operate their devices. If you were to search on Google or any search engine there are hundreds of information to articles on technology and the elderly. In particular there is one article I found very interesting and explains the pros and cons for technology and the elderly.

Click here for info and stats

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