Revolution of technology

Do you remember when technology was first coming out? Do you recall you’re very first purchase of a device? I remember when I got my very first computer and having internet which was dial-up and how cool it was. How I had the freedom to connect with friends and family without picking up the house phone and tieing up the phone line or having your mom yell at you to get off or having late night phone calls with friends.

Do you recall your first cell phone? I DO and let me tell you it was the most exciting thing ever to have and own. My little Nokia handheld style with lights on the side.

Do you recall Apple and the IPod? The first in its class to have all your music stored on one portable device with out carrying or lugging around you’re tape player, Walkman, cd player or even those oversized headphones with the antenna on top to listen to the radio

Remember the flat-screen TV’s and how it revolutionized the TV development. No more heavy bulky box TV’s.

I wonder how many of us recall the old but historical tech that has been created, changed, and evolutionized our world that is today. Well I know one who wouldn’t even know what a gamecast would look like or the first Nintendo-The newer generation of lives or young kids. If you asked them would they know or would they say ” I have no idea or what you are talking about,” “I’ll google it on my smartphone.

Today almost everyone including children have a smartphone or multiple smart devices especially in their homes and vehicles. Technology has sure changed our world and how we process things and how we cope with life. Technology has revolutioned what makes us human or does that make us Artificial just like our devices that we have created to be like humans? Time will tell.


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